Invacare Full-Electric Low Bed

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Invacare Full-Electric Low Bed

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Invacare Full-Electric Low Bed

We stock hospital beds LKN, ready to deliver and setup to your home.

A low base hospital bed is easier to enter and exit. The Invacare Full-Electric Low Bed is the high-quality low bed you seek. It’s fully adjustable by the caregiver and the patient, this fully electric adjustable bed can be set into a multitude of positions for the most comfortable rest.

“I recommend the Invacare Low Bed often, the accessibility makes this reclining bed perfect for handicapped and disabled individuals”.Allen Brawley

Most hospital bed injuries occur during exiting the medical bed, a low bed reduces the chances for exit injuries by placing the patient closer to their chair, walker or medical device. The Low Bed ends are fully compatible with existing Invacare full-electric bed frame inventories, simplifying inventory management for providers.

This low based electrical bed meets the FDA Guidelines for bed rail entrapment.


The hand pendant bed controller is very ergonomically designed and has an extra sturdy cord and a waterproof case for easy cleanup if it is soiled. The controller easily attaches to the low bed rail or sheet with the optional pendant cradle.

In the event of extreme soiling, the electric motor is encased in a waterproof enclosure for safe cleaning, using standard water pressure, do not power wash the bed.

The double insulated junction boxes are color-coded for easy, error-free maintenance, and for protection against electrical shock.

Universal low bed end can be used as either the headboard or footboard on the Low Bed Interchangeability simplifies storage, reduces inventory complexity. High impact bed end panels are more durable, impact and scratch resistant; washable for easy cleaning.

Safety Tips:

When cleaning the adjustable hospital bed, always unplug from the power source.


Dimensions: 88″ (L) x 9.5″-20″ (H) x 36″ (W)
Sleep Surface: 80″ (L) x 36″ (W)
Product Weight Capacity: 450 lb.
Patient Weight Capacity: 350 lb.
Code Approval: Regulatory Standard: UL962 3rd. ed., CSA Certified
Warranty: 5 Years Welds
2 Years of Mechanical/Electrical
Download the Owners Manual
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