How To Assemble A Mobility Scooter


At No Excuse Medical, we support what we sell, many of the products purchased from us are services right here in our workshop behind our showroom.  We prefer to service what we sell rather than have our customers deal with long and frustrating run-arounds from manufacturers.  Let’s face it, manufacturers care more about the sale than the service, but not at No Excuse Medical.  We have rental units available for services that take longer (waiting on parts).  Customer service is our focal point and servicing what we sell is a big part of that.

In this video, Eric (our service manager) shows us how to assemble a mobility scooter and he makes it look very easy

Initially, Eric is connecting the batteries.  We use a “quick connect” battery system for ease of use.  The male battery connector is attached to the motor at the factory; Eric easily connects the female connector to the male once the batter is securely in its compartment.  We keep battery connectors in stock, in the event a connector needs replacing, so it’s an easy change out for Eric.

With the battery connected, Eric installs the “Battery Cover” AKA: base unit cover to the scooter.  The cover is intentionally designed to fit snug but allow for easy access to the batteries.  Notice how easy is was for Eric to install the cover over the pedestal base and secure it into position.

Next is the seat.  The seat is attached to the pedestal pole at the factory for maximum strength and sturdiness.  Eric easily positions the seat on the pedestal base and locks it into position.  One quick lift of the seat back and the mobility scooter is ready for action!

We specialize in mobility scooters in several popular brands and models.  We keep the most popular mobility scooters in stock and always provide free delivery of any mobility scooter to your home.

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