Tall Mans Recliner Lift Chair

Medical Chair Lift

Medical Chair Lift

Today’s Featured Product is the Med Lift 25 Series of lift chairs.  This extra comfortable lift chair was designed specifically for the taller individual; the overall dimensions are 44 inches in height and 73 inches when fully reclined.  If you are 6+ feet tall and having trouble finding the right lift chair, the Med-Lift 25 Series is the chair for you!

I frequently post about one of our high quality products in order to provide a more in depth look at the item.  It is our goal to educate each customer so they don’t purchase an item that is too expensive or even worse, one that will not withstand their needs.  The 25 Series is specifically designed for the tall men that need a lift from a quality chair.  We keep these in stock.


The 25 Series has several options that tall people appreciate; 2-Way Recline, Acella-Flex Foam Seating and Arm & Head Covers, just to name a few.  This is an affordable lift chair in a very high quality, specifically designed for individuals over 6 feet tall.  The additional magazine rack is a big favorite from our customers.

This lift chair is made in the USA!


This is not for children or petite adults, it is simply too big for a small individual.  The battery back-up has limited model availability.  The Ultra-Ezz III Massage System and the 6 Vib/Heat only come with the optional chaise pad.


  • 2-Way Recline
  • Low Volt Quiet Motor
  • Fiber Filled Back
  • Acella-Flex Foam Seating
  • 5 No-Sag Seat Springs
  • Lifetime Warranty on Wood Frame, Lift Mechanism & Reclining Hardware
  • 4 Year Warranty on Remaining Items
  • Arm and Head Covers
  • Battery Back-up System* not available w/ Ultra-Ezz III Massage System, or 2, 4 or 6 Vib/Heat


  • 2 Vib/Heat
  • 4 Vib/Heat
  • 6 Vib/Heat (must have chaise pad)
  • 3-Way Recline
  • Chaise Pad
  • Short Seat (2555 only)
  • Customer Provided Fabric
  • Movable Infrared Heat
  • Ultra-Ezz III Massage System (must have chaise pad)
  • Snap-On Head Pillow
  • Extra Magazine Pocket
  • Removable Seat (2553 only)
  • Extra Heavy Duty Hardware
  • Fabric Upgrade 3, 4, 5, & 6


  • 375 – 400 Lbs.


Allen Brawley
No Excuse Medical


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